Encounters in open psychodrama groups

Psychodrama seminar: “Encounters in open psychodrama groups”
May 24-26th, 2019, at City Hotels Algirdas (Algirdo str. 24, Vilnius)

In this psychodrama workshop we will follow communication and needs of participants here and now in the group. We will explore ground rules of group psychotherapy in action on psychodrama stage: good will for communication, need for discretion and trust, non destructive behaviour, what is necessary to feel safe in the group. Than we will follow spontaneous communication, our intuition, our Tele about participants in the group. Than we will follow spontaneous communication, our intuition, our Tele about participants in the group. Mirroring what we particularly see in other group members. Is some of it something which is ours. What other see in us, mutual mirroring. How much it is our intuition about other person and how much it could be our projection of some ours parts on other person. Some group members will attract our attention. At the and of a action we will sit in a circle and share our experience and give feedback to each other. It can be a beginning of interpersonal learning.

Seminar will be held in English (with translation in Lithuanian language).

Dušan Potkonjak is MD, psychiatrist and trainer of British Psychodrama Association since 1994. He is the main trainer at Serbian Psychodrama Association-Moreno. He graduated in psychodrama in 1991 in Great Britain, BPA, with Marsha Karp, J.L. Moreno’s student. In Belgrade since 1991 and in London since 1994 he was leading twice weekly psychodrama groups with patients in psychiatric hospitals on acute ward. Dusan is exploring possibilities to follow group process on psychodrama stage. And possible compatible integration of Psychodrama - Moreno, Group Analysis - Foulkes, and Interpersonal Group Psychotherapy - Yalom. He is a member of Playback South Theatre company London and Playback - Belgrad.

Lithuanian Psychodrama Association (LPdD).

• May 24th: 16:00-20:00 h.
• May 25th: 09:00-19:30 h.
• May 26th: 09:00-14:00 h.

Participation fee:
• For psychodrama students - 120 EUR;
• For members of LPdD before May 13th - 130 EUR, after May 14th - 150 EUR;
• Others before May 13th - 150 EUR, after May 14th - 170 EUR.

Participation fee must be transferred to Lithuanian Psychodrama Association account LT41 7180 3000 0070 0648, organisation’s code 191970158. If you cancel your registration before May 19th, 80% participation fee will be refunded, after May 20th - participation fee is not refundable.

Registration: mokymai@psichodrama.lt, + 370 603 722 55.