General programme

Scientific programme




Thursday 08/19/2010

09:30-10:00  Registration (for the participants of the preconference)
10:00-18:00  Theoretical seminar

Friday, 08/20/2010

09:30-13:30  Theoretical seminar


Friday, 08/20/2010

12:00-13:30  Registration
14:00-15:00  Opening
15:00-16:30  Dance drama
17:00-19:00  Excursion
19:00-21:00  „Sunset on the Sea“

Saturday, 08/21/2010

09:30-10:00  Warming-up
10:00-13:00  Workshops
13:00-15:00  Lunch
15:00-18:00  Workshops
20:00-02:00  Party with supper

Sunday, 08/22/2010

09:30-10:00  Warming-up
10:00-13:00  Workshops
13:30-15:00  Ending the conference

*There may be changes in the timetable

Scientific programme

If you are psychodrama professional, you can hold a workshop in the conference or theoretical seminar in the preconference.
We are waiting for your topics and abstracts as soon as possible!


“Landscape Genogram, Culture's Experience and Identity”


Chantal Nève Hanquet (BELGIUM), psychologist, Jungian psychoanalyst and teaching member of the IAAP-affiliated SBPA; a psychodrama trainer at the CFIP; treasurer of the FEPTO; trainer in systemic family therapy at the IPFS in Namur; member of the EFTA; training officer in two schools for practising special-needs teachers, one in Namur and the other in Mirwart (Belgian Ardennes); author of several articles.


The concept landscape genogram is coming from the practice of Chantal Nève-Hanquet and Jacques Pluymaekers as therapists and trainers. It gives a creative representation by the words, the images and their graphical and/or psychodramatical representations of certains crucial moments which have been called up during the genogram's exploration. This way people can express their culture's differences by pictures, words and movements. With psychodrama, the landscape genogram creates space so a person can live changes for him self and with others. In landscape genogram, everyone can find a piece of his family story and culture, it means the sense of his being. Everyone who participate this workshop can have a part of this experience. The workshop will be in French and translate in English.

"Social Dreaming: Building Bridges...Discovering Memories..."


Wilma Scategni (ITALY), psychodramatist, the author of a significant book on Jungian psychodrama with an emphasis on dream work.


Dreams  are  a bridge towards our past, memories and histories. Sharing dreams and images can be the first step towards our flying beyond differences among cultures, languages, ways of thinking, religions ... The social dreaming matrix is a bridge that our images of the unconscious (dreams, myths and legends)  can build anywhere.  In the presentation in the pre-conference the Theoretical bases of the method will be presented.